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About Us


Our mission is to provide customers with stunning, elegant jewellery that is completely unique to them and their desires. We know how personal choosing a diamond ring can be, and we want to deliver an incredible bespoke design service that involves you every step of the way.


Our Story


The Orange River was named after the place where the Eureka Diamond was discovered,

a river near Hopetown in South Africa. The Eureka Diamond was the very first diamond to be discovered in the country in the mid-1800s.



 By Source, Fair use, De Beers Archives


Siblings Giulia and Mike Smith started The Orange River with a simple idea. We wished to create a platform where you can easily create the ring of your dreams from the comfort of your own home. Using the best designers in the industry and a huge choice of diamonds, we would offer the widest choice and the best prices with a minimum of fuss.


There are also a few things that we felt we could educate our customers about. For example, did you realise that there is a choice when it comes to buying your diamond as Laboratory Grown Diamonds have entered the market as a more affordable option to Natural Diamonds? We decided to offer both, letting you decide which is best for you as no one else is making a fair comparison between the two. Each has their own individual strengths. Natural Diamonds have a heritage that comes from being a natural product, coming from deep within the earth’s crust and taking billions of years to get to us. Laboratory Grown Diamonds may lack this drama, but they are sustainable and quite simply, allow you to buy a real diamond for less money.


“With The Orange River, we felt we could create a unique online experience and revolutionise the industry, not only by providing the opportunity for consumers to be a big part of the creation process but also to educate customers on the origins and benefits of both lab-grown and natural diamonds in order for them to make an informed decision on the perfect diamond ring for them.”


The Orange River is more than just an online shop. We understand that choosing a diamond ring is an extremely personal and joyful experience. It’s important to us that we know where all our diamonds come from. Our diamonds come with a certificate of Authenticity and all our suppliers have been verified as conflict-free.  




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